Sell your Quartet or Chorus Merch with us!

If you are interested in selling with us, please reach out! The best way is via instagram or facebook, or email 

In the meantime, here are some of our frequently asked questions!

  1. Do we have to have a logo or design before chatting with you?
    Of course not! I’m happy to chat ideas or fully design a logo or shirt design for you.

  2. What does it cost us to get started with Custom Quartet Stuff?
    Absolutely nothing! Just a teensy bit of your time. We don’t charge any fees to set up your online store or post your items. Since we don’t keep blank merchandise in our home, we don’t charge you for it until we need to order it and use it!

  3. What services do y’all offer?
    Most of what we do is on site (meaning like, in our guest bedroom…
    -Vinyl cutting
    -Engraving (leather, wood, ceramic, slate, metal, etc.)
    -Sublimation Printing
    -Screen Printing
    -Direct-to-film Printing
    -Direct-to-garment Printing

  4. I really wanted <INSERT RANDOM MERCHANDISE THINGY HERE> but I don’t see that on your chart….could you make it for me?
    PROBABLY! :) We won’t make promises, but we LOVE to make new things – tell us what you’re looking for!

  5. I have an idea or request for a non-barbershop project. Is that okay?
    Of course! Please reach out with any creative needs you might have.

  6. How do we get paid and when?
    Honestly, it’s completely up to you! I can use Venmo, PayPal, Cash App, Zelle or mail you a check
    As far as frequency goes – most groups have waited until they hit a personal milestone (ex: $100) to cash out, while others have wanted cash outs every other week.

  7. -Can you explain the whole process, step-by-step?

    1. You decide what artwork you want and what items you’d want them on
    2.I send you mockups
    3.You approve the mockups and pricing
    4.I submit the files to my website, where I will create your group a landing page for your merch sales!
    5.I’ll send you the link and you share it and post it far and wide!
    6.When an order comes in, I purchase the blank items needed, fulfill the order and then ship it to the customer for you
    7.I will try to check in at regular intervals (but feel free to ask anytime!) about your balance
    8.You get $$$
    9.You sing beautiful music!

  8. -Okay we’re ready to jump in. How do we start?
    Send us an email or Facebook/Instagram message! Let me know
    1.If you have a logo already
    2.What products you’d like your artwork to go on
    3.If you have any special requests.
    After I get all the information, I’ll make some mockups and send them to you for your approval.